We treat our work with the passion and dedication of a medical professional, we are precise and we recognize what is on the line. This niche is riddled with strict government and private organization standards so compliance becomes a challenge--a challenge we’d be excited to take on for you.

The key to navigating these highly-competitive market landscapes is professional experience and expert advice: commodities that are commonly out of reach for brands. This is why BrandIn Creatives developed branDR: an industry-specific marketing solutions for the healthcare industry. 

Just give us a ring  or shoot us an email  and let us get started with implementing game-changing creative solutions to your brand. 



Medical Writing and Pharma Research Solutions

Medical Writing is a key part of research, education, product promotion, and other essential industry endeavors.

Banking on expert knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations, and academia, branDR is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of medical writing applications. We can expertly provide medical writing services for:  

  • Pharmaceutical companies 

  • Medical practitioners

  • Students

  • Researchers

  • Contract research organizations

Our medical writing services include:

  • Medical content creation and management

  • Keynote for CMEs and other medical presentations

  • Education materials

  • Newsletter and Highlights

  • Product detailer in digital and print format

  • Visual assets and collaterals for medical-related events

  • Press releases

  • Website publication through Medical Observer

  • Social Media post through Medical Observer platforms

  • Product reviews

  • And other medical industry-related literature

Pharma Brand Launch

In every step of the way, from concept development to brand launch including testing for safety and efficacy, branDR is ready to assist you in turning your groundbreaking idea for a pharmaceutical product into reality.

branDR is here to help you in this phase with research design, clinical trials design, planning and writing protocols, study reports, and statistical analysis.

The brand launch is crucial to the success of a pharmaceutical product. We can assist you in marketing and advertising your product to ensure your brand makes a lasting and good impression on your target market. We can do market analysis, segmentation, and targeting offline and online markets. We can also write compelling marketing copy for your products.

Postmarketing Surveillance (PMS) Publication

Considering that clinical trials are only done with a controlled number of participants, PMS Publication can keep tabs on the product even though it’s already available in the market. This makes it possible to further refine the safety and efficacy of the product.

PMS Publication is also offered in brandDR where we can assist you in preparing the manuscript, formatting the outline of the paper, submitting to a journal website, giving expert feedback, compiling adverse event, and conducting further research.

Medical Web and App Development

We can also lend our expertise in creating websites specifically designed for medical practitioners and general consumers. One of the major pitfalls of healthcare marketing is creating mainstream websites. We address this by addressing industry-specific concerns such as information security and compliance with regulatory standards.

Pharma Regulatory Services

Quality and industry-compliance is always our standards for our output. We always take into great consideration adherence to the local laws, regulations, and industry best practices. 

We’d like to reassure you that we only work in strict confidentiality to pave way towards a harmonious working relationship. We are in line with your brand vision to provide healthcare products that are effective and safe for the public.

Pharma and Drugstore Microsite

We are here to ensure that you are at the forefront of how the Internet changed the healthcare and pharma markets. Let our expertise be put to use by creating engaging microsites for your brand. Having a microsite is essentially having a brand representative that’s always available 24/7 to educate your target market with information like:

  • Health information for the consumer

  • Basics of health conditions

  • Drug directories

  • Health apps


If your brand still doesn’t have a microsite. Don’t worry. We got your back. Contact us  and let us start working on tapping the unlimited potential of the Internet for your brand’s benefit.




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